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"When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty". Are you ready to lead a Revolt? Disobey is a hybrid between a real-time strategy and a third-person action videogame. The game is simple: you're the Leader of the Revolt and you have to take down the Government. How to do it? Blowing down the Government Palace of course! But none can do it alone, you'll have to coordinate squads of rioters to get weapons and medikits by destroying strategic buildings, to find the better route to the Palace and to overcome policemen formations or tanks blocking your path. But remember: every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. The police will not stay just looking at your moves…

Here we are, ready and excited for our first demo release!! As everything is still "WIP" we decided to call this first demo a "Pre-Pre Alpha Version". For us this is only the beginning, and we need your help with the Kickstarter campaign to complete the game and make it happen! So if you like the project, try the demo and let us know what you think. All the feedback is appreciated, we firmly believe in cooperation and criticism, nonetheless we think the best ideas always come from the community. N.B. Most of the graphics are uncompleted, the animations need more polishing and the physics not yet optimised, so get ready to face quite a bunch of bugs across the demo. Thank you all for your help and enjoy the Revolt!

Don't miss the Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1448085388/disobey-revolt-simulator?ref=home_social


Disobey - Revolt Simulator - Demo - Win.zip 234 MB

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